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    April Fool's Day: Hello Friends, In April Fools Jokes we are providing you the best collection of April Fool Jokes of 2017. 1st April is widely known as the April Fool's Day worldwide and thus, we have collected some of the best April Fool  Jokes on the internet. You can forward these Jokes to your friends in Facebook or you can forward it in WhatsApp or any social networking site which you prefer using. I Hope you will like Our collection.

    April Fool Day Jokes In Hindi
    April Fool Day Jokes In Hindi

    April Fool Jokes In Hindi:

    Meri Dua hai tum jindagi me bahut aage bado,
    Itna aage bado ki jisse bhi milo kah de,
    Chutta nahi hai re baba AAGE BADO..!!

    Ladkiyon Seh Dill Lagaana Ekk Bhool hey
    Ladkiyon Ke Pi6e janaa Fizool hey
    Jiss Diin Kisii Ladki Neh Aapko bol Diya “I LOVE U”
    Toh mere yaar Samajh Lenaa ki Uss Dinn
    ‘APRIL-FOOL DAY’ hey ..!!

    Sine me dil,
    Dil me dard,
    Dard me yaqin,
    Yaqin me khyal,
    Khayal me khwab,
    Khuwab me tasvir
    Tasvir me sirf ap!
    Itna Darawna khuwab?
    Baap re Baap!!

    April fool Jokes:

    If today anyone talks about you & praises you for your..
    1) good looks
    2 ) nature
    3 ) style
    4 ) attitude,
    Just Screw them off.
    How dare they fool you around before April 1st.!

    A Day Will Come Wen D Whole
    World Will Celebrate Ur Name,
    Ur Fame, Ur Thoughts, Ur Ideas,
    But U Hav 2 Wait For Two days
    Till Ur Birthday; April First.!!

     Cream cheese deodorant is a recipe for disaster.!

    April Fool Day Jokes:

    Place the spool deep into the pocket with a piece hanging out of the top of your pocket.
    The piece should be at least two-inches long so that it will be noticed.!!

     Car company designs a motorized office chair with a calendar so it can whisk workers away to their next meeting and facial recognition technology so it can help them steer clear of the boss!!

    HAPPY*) April Fool SMS In Hindi-April fool SMS

    April Fool Jokes SMS:

     Put a picture of one of those age projection simulations on his bathroom mirror in the morning.!

    Put "Out of service" on all the toilet cubicle doors.
    Watch all of your colleagues run around.
    Why not add to the banter and put signs on the elevator doors as well.!!

    I may forget to wish you on Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja or even New Year's day.
    But I am very thankful to God that I remember and wish you on a very special day meant for people like you.
    Happy April Fool!!!

    April Fool Day Text Jokes:

    A day will come…

    When the whole world will, CELEBRATE:
    But keep in mind,
    April Fool comes once a year.

    Dost Pathan Se: Yaar Tum Ne April fool Manaya…?
    Pathan:Han Yara Dost: Kis K Sath aur kaise Manaya…? Pathan: Apni BV K Sath.
    Hum Ne 3 Bar Talaq Diya, Jab Wo Pareshan Hoa Tu Hum Bola April Fool April Fool……...:D

    April Fool Funny Jokes:

    Amir Khan Ne apni Film
    K Second part k liay
    ap ko Chun lia hai
    Jiss Mai ap ka
    Bohat Main Role Hai
    Film Ka Name hai
    “Bayghairat zameen per”!!

    Trick someone with a “fun fact.” Of course, it won't actually be factual.
    Write something like, “You cannot touch your lower lip with your tongue.”
    The person will probably automatically try to do so once the text is read.
    Then add: “99/100 fools will try. April Fools!”!!

    April Fools jokes:

    Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye to baat banjaye
    Aap jaisa cute meri zindgi mein aaye to baat banjaye
    Aap jaisa cute meri zindagi mein aaye to baat banjaye
    Aap jaisa bewakoof meri jhhoti baaton per yakeen kare to “APRIL FOOL” banjaye!!

    Ek hawa ka jhoka sa aaya,
    To laga jaise ke tum aaye ho,
    Darwaze par kisi ki aahat se hue,
    To laga jaise ke tum aaye ho,
    Ab tum he bataoo,
    Kya tum kisi bhoot se kam ho.!!

    Jab tum aine ke paas jate ho to aina kehta hai
    beautiful beautiful?
    aur jab tum aine se dur jate ho to aina kahata hai
    ? aprilfool, aprilfool ?

    April Fool Joke:

    your style so sweet
    your smile so sweet
    your voice so sweet
    your eyes so sweet
    Your whole life so sweet!!
    In short; you are a sweetheart
    Hey, look
    I can lie so sweet so
    you’re never going to understand
    Happy April Fools Day to Everyone !!

    What a Doll! - If you happen to have a blow-up doll hanging around,
    put it in a pal’s vehicle. Or dress her up,
    strap her in the passenger seat and go for a spin!!

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    2017*} Funny April Fools Day SMS Messages Quotes Wishes Images and Wallpaper

    2017*} Funny April Fools Day SMS Messages Quotes Wishes Images and Wallpaper
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