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    Bahuda Jatra Live Streaming, Bahuda Jatra 2016 Live Streaming, Bahuda 2016 Live Streaming. There, in their Garden House, adapa mandapa, otherwise called their place of birth, the gods stay for seven days. On the ninth day of the celebration, Bahuda Jatra, the fabulous return venture happens. In transit back they stop for a brief timeframe and share of poda pitha, a sort of cake made of rice, lentils, jaggery and coconut, offered by their auntie, mausima. On coming to back the fundamental sanctuary, the divinities, on their chariots, wear the brilliant clothing or the suna besa, with hands, arms and crown made of strong gold. They are additionally offered sweet beverages, adhara pana, on colossal barrel shaped earthen pots coming to up to their lips. They are brought down from the chariots in a custom plunge to enter the sanctuary. 

    The sanctuary entryway is however closed upon Lord Jagannatha by his divine consort Laxmi. Her outrage, desire and dissatisfaction is enunciated by her sidekicks, spoke to by a gathering of servitors from inside. Another gathering speaking to Lord Jagannatha react with supplications and charms. After re-ordering this show of day by day residential tiffs of simple mortals, the heavenly couple at long last make up, and the sanctuary entryway is opened and the gods come back to their bejeweled throne, the ratna sinhasana.

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