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Arbor Day Quotes, Arbor Day Messages, SMS

Hello Friends, Arbor Day 2016 is on April 29. The last Friday of April is celebrated as National Arbor Day every year. Arbor or Arbour is a Latin word which means trees. On this day, individuals and groups are inspirited and encouraged to plant trees and take care of trees in order to make our planet a healthier place to live. This day is observed in spring season as it is the suitable season for planting trees. We are sharing some Happy Arbor Day Wishes with you. arbor day cards free, give a tree gift, give a tree in memory, arbor day gifts, arbor day poems, arbor day poems for kids, arbor day poems for children, arbor day sayings, arbor day history, arbor day facts, tree sayings funny, arbor day message, arbor day sayings for kids.

Arbor Day Quotes, Arbor Day Messages, SMS

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.Wishing you a National Arbor Day 2016.

I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines.

If a man walks in the woods for love of them half of each day, he is in danger of being regarded as a loafer. But if he spends his days as a speculator, shearing off those woods and making the earth bald before her time, he is deemed an industrious and enterprising citizen

What an irony it is that these living beings whose shade we sit in, whose fruit we eat, whose limbs we climb, whose roots we water, to whom most of us rarely give a second thought, are so poorly understood. We need to come, as soon as possible, to a profound understanding and appreciation for trees and forests and the vital role they play, for they are among our best allies in the uncertain future that is unfolding


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